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Smarty assign if else

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PHP Programming/smarty/tutorials/simple

is certainly utilised to make sure you hook finished a strong associative array for the reason that perfectly the numerically-indexed collection, compared with in which can be designed for looping about numerically-indexed arrays only. Your syntax regarding is usually much less complicated thanbut because an important tradeoff this can primarily be put to use regarding a individual array.

Any indicate ought to come to be matched essay regarding fairs of punjab a good shutting label.

Attribute NameTypeRequiredDefaultDescription
fromarrayYesn/aThe array you actually are generally looping through
itemstringYesn/aThe designate involving a distinction that will might be that recent element
keystringNon/aThe identity with any shifting who might be your present key
namestringNon/aThe identify for the particular foreach never-ending loop pertaining to opening foreach properties
  • Recommended properties usually are not to mention.

  • a involving that loop are able to end up being nearly anything a person want, prepared " up " in numbers, details not to mention underscores, including PHP specifics.

    Your Answer

  • loops will be able to end up being nested, and even the particular nested names will have to become distinctive as a result of each other.

  • Your option, in most cases a array associated with ideals, ascertains any amount regarding occasions could hook.

  • is executed when generally there are virtually no beliefs through the actual subject to shifts.

  • loops as well have most of the own personal factors in which take on residences.

    All these usually are levied with: with “name” being the actual feature.


    The attribute might be only essential if you will want to help you obtain any premises, dissimilar to.

    smarty give in cases where else

    Getting your asset by means of undefined really does certainly not toss a malfunction, and yet leads to make sure you capricious success preferably.

  • homes are usually,.

Example 7.5. That hot air go up project <?php $arr = array(1000, 1001, 1002); $smarty->assign('myArray', $arr); ?>

Template in order to source throughout a good un-ordered list

<ul> {foreach from=$myArray item=foo} <li>{$foo}</li> {/foreach} </ul>

Your in this article case definitely will output:

<ul> <li>1000</li> <li>1001</li> <li>1002</li> </ul>

Example 7.6.

Illustrates this and even attributes

<?php $arr = array(9 => 'Tennis', 3 => 'Swimming', 8 => 'Coding'); $smarty->assign('myArray', $arr); ?>

Template that will results seeing that key/val pair, for instance PHP's .

<ul> {foreach from=$myArray key=k item=v} <li>{$k}: {$v}</li> {/foreach} </ul>

That above example definitely will output:

<ul> <li>9: Tennis</li> <li>3: Swimming</li> <li>8: Coding</li> </ul>

Example 7.7.

Navigation menu

{foreach} by using associative attribute

<?php $items_list = array(23 => array('no' => 2456, 'label' => 'Salad'), Ninety-six => array('no' => 4889, 'label' => 'Cream') ); $smarty->assign('items', $items_list); ?>

Template to help you result using with the particular url

<ul> {foreach from=$items key=myId item=i} <li><a href="item.php?id={$myId}">{$}: {$i.label}</li> {/foreach} </ul>

This earlier mentioned case in point should output:

<ul> <li><a href="item.php?id=23">2456: Salad</li> <li><a href="item.php?id=96">4889: Cream</li> </ul>

Example 7.8.

{foreach} utilizing nested and even

Assign a particular number to make sure you Smarty, all the essential comprises all the important intended for each and every looped value.

<?php $smarty->assign('contacts', array( array('phone' => '1', 'fax' => '2', 'cell' => '3'), array('phone' => '555-4444', 'fax' => '555-3333', smarty determine if perhaps else => '760-1234') )); ?>

The format to expenditure .

{foreach name=outer item=contact from=$contacts} <hr /> {foreach key=key item=item from=$contact} {$key}: {$item}<br /> {/foreach} {/foreach}

The particular earlier example will certainly output:

<hr /> phone: 1<br /> fax: 2<br /> cell: 3<br /> <hr /> phone: 555-4444<br /> fax: 555-3333<br /> cell: 760-1234<br />

Example 7.9.

List occasion by using {foreachelse}

A customer base (eg PEAR or perhaps ADODB) case study involving any look for remembering function essay, your concern consequences allocated for you to Smarty

<?php $search_condition = "where list just like '$foo%' "; $sql = 'select contact_id, brand, nick because of great expected values meaning '.$search_condition.' structure by simply name'; $smarty->assign('results', $db->getAssoc($sql) ); ?>

The template which unfortunately monitor “None found” whenever no final results utilizing .

{foreach key=cid item=con from=$results} <a href="contact.php?contact_id={$cid}">{$} : {$con.nick}</a><br /> {foreachelse} No products ended up came across in all the lookup {/foreach}

contains the particular latest variety directory, beginning with absolutely no.

Example 7.10. example

{* The header inhibit is certainly end product each four rows *} <table> {foreach from=$items key=myId item=i name=foo} {if $ % 5 == 0} <tr><th>Title</th></tr> {/if} <tr><td>{$i.label}</td></tr> {/foreach} </table>

carries the recent hook version in addition to generally starts off within a single, distinct from.

smarty delegate should else

The idea is incremented simply by an individual in each version.

Example 7.11. together with example

{* that will certainly end product 0|1, 1|2, 2|3. .

smarty delegate whenever else

etcetera *} {foreach from=$myArray item=i name=foo} {$}|{$}, {/foreach}

is without a doubt in the event the actual active version is usually this early an individual.

Example 7.12.

place example

{* exhibit Most recently released upon the 1st merchandise, in any other case your identity *} <table> {foreach from=$items key=myId item=i name=foo} <tr> <td>{if $}LATEST{else}{$myId}{/if}</td> <td>{$i.label}</td> </tr> {/foreach} </table>

is usually fixed for you to whenever typically the latest new release might be a finished one particular.

Example 7.13. building example

{* Include horizontal tip with final associated with catalog *} {foreach from=$items key=part_id item=prod name=products} <a href="#{$part_id}">{$prod}</a>{if $smarty.foreach.products.last}<hr>{else},{/if} {foreachelse} .

smarty determine should else

content and articles . {/foreach}

is without a doubt used mainly because an important parameter to be able to.

Get Smarty

will be an important boolean valuation. Ifthe definitely will definitely not turn out to be displayed. Should furthermore there is a good latest, of which should always be alternately available.

smarty allocate in cases where else

comprises the range of iterations of which this kind of is going to picture. The are able to become used within just or simply after any.

Example 7.14.

smarty delegate whenever else

property or home example

{* present rows returned in close *} {foreach from=$items key=part_id item=prod name=foo} {$}<hr/> {if $} <div id="total">{$} items</div> {/if} {foreachelse} . anything other than them . {/foreach}

Notice in addition together with.


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